The Attraction And Drama of Formula One Racing

Aston Martin Racing Test


Valencia - Spain

Photo: Nick Dungan / Drew Gibson Photography
Referring to motorsport indispensable formula one racing. Formula One racing is a sport that is extremely attractive and amazing. It captivated millions of people worldwide. The first time it was organized a long time ago and the fierce competition from the teams that it has a huge and extremely attractive history. Especially in recent times, the development of machinery and technology enables more advanced vehicles makes the race more attractive than ever. Join us to learn about the interesting things are light.

1. The Competition of the Leading Motorsport Manufacturers 

The rise of Ferrari strong, positive signal from the “underdogs” in the race test in recently season at a couple of racing will promise exciting and dramatic, when it kicks off the day of each year. There is an interesting thing that not every one know. That is 2016 is the longest season in F1 history when the riders will have to conquer 21 challenging races. In this year, Mercedes used cars with big improvements in speed, while Ferrari to change some technical features in the new model. That was enough to make fans expect a dramatic season.  Ferrari has to be counterbalanced by Mercedes? All viewer all the world will not know if the history will be changed or it will be continue to let Ferrari down one more time
Ferrari are increasingly proved to be a challenger. In the last season, they won three races and win the stage times in the top end 3 more than in 2013 and 2014 combined. This shows that the Italian team is on track and growing gap with Mercedes.  Achievement of the Italian team in the classification stage is also significantly improved. On average, the season, the Ferrari’s steering wheel just 0.689 seconds less Mercedes. They create considerable pressure on the Mercedes at various times in 2015. Although still reveal many shortcomings, Ferrari always knew overcome in time.

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Helmet fitment

For a helmet to do its job, which is to absorb and dissipate collision energy, it must fit correctly by conforming to the size and shape of your head. Do not make the mistake of selecting a helmet because it matches your hat size or by guessing at small, medium or large remember that one manufacturer’s small may be a larger small than another manufacturer’s. You must always take time to try on the helmet to be sure of a proper fit.


As a starting point, try on several sizes of various helmets from different makers. You will probably notice that one company’s helmet feels more comfortable than others. Part of the reason for this is that some helmets are more oval-shaped and another’s are more round-shaped. The shape of your head which certainly differs from person to person will determine which is best for you.

To be effective, a helmet must fit as snugly as possible without being too tight; that is, not so tight that it causes discomfort or headaches. It should sink down completely until the “roof” contacts the top of your head. It should also be in contact with all parts of your head. This is the critical factor if the helmet is to work effectively in a crash.
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Some Interesting Sports for the Youth

Currently, appear more and more adventurous sports on summer days. The story you are comfortable playing your best, but you should use protective items when playing these for hot weather days (eg best motorcycle helmet when you play racing). In this article, we will introduce some of the sport.

1. Highwire

Can be viewed as one of the best new adventure game in the world recently. As a game, but the Highwire as a combination along with the sport of slalom. Because when playing the Highwire, you have to step over the small wood plank was forced on the cable or head hanging on the branches of trees to dryapkies. As goes away, then the level will be increased on a more difficult with many obstacles such as mesh, wood bridge crossed the escalation ladder, hang in the air.
This game will probably spend your energy very much and sometimes makes you incredibly stressful, pressure when you’ve accidentally hands, slipped in the surface height 6 m. Although when participating you will be wearing protective equipment such as hats, belts, gloves, mattresses, pillows, etc but the pass was the pressure of the self is the most difficult and dangerous. Each player is equipped with the tools of protection and also safety cable in best form, international safety standards. To play this game you have to be a ingenuity, focus, overcome the fear of disease.There are many levels and each level will be increasingly harder.

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The best lid isn’t the most expensive one

1. Proper Fit is a Must Your helmet should neither dig into your scalp nor flop around.


The more snug the fit, the better the protection-your lid will stay put on your head when you don’t stay put on your bike. To ensure proper adjustment, start with the interior pads. Most are held in place with adhesive or hook-and-loop strips, which can be added or removed to customize fit or to wash when they get funky. Next, adjust the straps so that each yoke or V-buckle is positioned right below your ears, then cinch the main buckle so two fingers barely fit between your chin and the strap. Mosthelmets also have some type of adjustment device in the back; fiddle with yours until the helmet is comfortably tight. Fit check: Push the front of your helmet up. If it moves more than 1 inch, tighten the straps. Repeat with the back.
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What’s the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet?

Some motorbike enthusiasts selected this sport mainly because they really enjoy the feeling of riding their motorbikes down the open superhighway with just their thought and their companion that is the wind. For others, the feeling of solitude, particularly on a long trip, can become amazing. A Bluetooth helmet makes it easy for motor riders to keep connected to their fellow travelers, besides the world generally while safely using their bikes and never needing to take off their helmets.

Bluetooth devices will rapidly replace the older form of a bit short range communications technology. They run effectively, clearly, and with comparative safety. The consumer hoping to attach the Bluetooth device to the motorcycle gear of theirs have the choice of either buying motorcycle helmets that already have the Bluetooth device, in other cases they will install one later.

Owning the motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth present will help keep the biker connected in various ways. They not only can listen to all of their favorite music, but they could also have a comparatively clear conversation with their traveling buddies or passengers who are riding within a required distance. The best motorcycle helmet will be the best choice for you.

Bluetooth motorbike helmet choices

As far as buying a Bluetooth or capable device going, there are 2 major possibilities. They’re Bluetooth devices particularly designed for the purpose with the motorcycle helmet that could be used along with most helmets, and the helmet that comes with Bluetooth gear already installed as well as ready to use.

The Bluetooth equipment itself should pair with any current technology. MP3 players, video game consoles, laptops, and even GPS systems will be Bluetooth compatible. Up to now the only limitation is that no matter what piece of gear the cyclists hope to connect with through GPS is it will need to stay within the reasonable range of a Bluetooth device. Continue Reading →

The Factor You Need to Attend When Using the Biometric Gun Safe


You are having one or many guns, which is a reason why you should a gun safe. This is an essential device for you to store your guns safely. Everyone tries finding and buying the best biometric gun safe that many people are appreciated, especial the hunter and those who love guns.

The gun has a high lethality, so when using the gun, you always pay attention to keep safe for around people. The gun safe is chosen for this purpose. There are many kind of gun safe. We can divide it into two kinds: the key word gun safe and the biometric gun safe.

However, the biometric gun safe is a popular device that has much usefulness. But it is not completely perfect. There are some factors you should know to use it rightly. If you own the kinds of biometric gun safes such as the biometric handgun safe and gun safe… so you must read this article.

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