Bad news for mimes and fishing Guides

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O.K, you shouldn’t call us anymore. It was not us. Most of people have recently heard about the people who are the super big winner at the-27-State-Powerball lottery. They have bought the tickets in Jacksonville Oregon. That is our hometown.

The Jacksonville population is nearly 3000 people, I could see how relatives and friends assumed at once that our family would now try to solve the problem that is to find the way to use the approximately $100 million for the business purpose. The difficult task of pointing out which relatives will be awarded since they has laughed at my jokes over years, will surely be done easier by receiving several phone calls of friendly reminder that will make them first ones in my mind.


It is a bit surprised that my mother in law called directly and asked me that whether we, it means I and her were rich or not. Yes it’s “we” word.

Eric, another example, he is my good friend at my school softball team, called to remind that he really loves me and asked me whether I want to buy the best fishing kayak for under 500.

To be honest, I rarely play that kind of lottery game, meaning that I would have good opportunity of being attacked by a shark on land or being chose by a meteor that fall from space.


I should accept that on Wednesday, I wandered to the Sentry Market of Ray in Jacksonville, after buying some biscuits for the dog and heard the checkers front of me said loudly about $50 of tickets that are sold to somebody for Powerball. Then I said, why don’t you give me 20 dollar as well?

I thought why not, this is the voluntary tax at least so I also have a chance of return a healthy tax.

Then I put my numbers in the desk drawer of mine at work place. The next morning, I read some morning news and known that the winner appeared and actually his house was located in Oregon. Then I got to work and did not check my numbers in a hurry. A few minutes after that, I received a call from my wife and she asked me whether I’d bought any Powerball tickets or not.

I answered “yes”

“The news said the ticket was bought in Jacksonville and the winner was there of course.” She told that news to me with lots of gleeful expectation. “That winning ticket was from the Tavern or Ray’s Market.” She continued.

“I promised I was not in any tavern, wait, did you just say Ray’s?”


“Well not I’m a bit excited as I did buy my lottery tickets at Ray.”

She then read the numbers for me and I returned immediately to the tavern dwelling, deadbeat, fish-loving that I was described as. So most of my acquaintances know I will end up spending all of the money, particularly my intentions after winning the lottery is that the money will partly employ fishing guides and out-of-work mimes but not at once. The third thing in my list will be best fishing kayak for under 500 or just best rated fishing kayaks. Maybe I will spend a bit money buying myself a kayak with the best sit in fishing kayak.

So life was going on. In another day, I sit and think about what I will do or where I will choose to go fishing in case I win that amount of money and one more thing, what type of silly high technology waders I can buy. Eventually I decided to not to have that money. But if I seek out the person who had won that lottery. He just had bought those tickets with $50 before me. I will definitely eat all of the dog biscuits.

A good experience for you is that not to dream of something like mine, I can sit one place and dream of them all day long. The question that always pops up my mind is what am I going to do IF I had a huge amount of money or simply become a big winner in the lottery game one day? And then my mind then immediately gives me as many answers as possible. I sometimes buy myself a paradise villa, a luxury car, or employ lots of people just to serve me as an employer like my boss now. Of course the list goes on. You name it. But reality is reality, not a dream you can dream of.