Buy the helmet best-suited to your children

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When buying the good motorbike helmet for children, parents need to be watchful for young adults and children are oftentimes brash. They’re also going through the process of learning curve so it will definitely take lots of time to take control over motorcycles. Lots of practice will be essential in this field.


Therefore, the parents had better considered some of following fundamental factors before buying the best motorcycle helmet for children. If you consider all of these factors, they will surely bring both safety and fun for your kid so it is not necessary for you to worry about them anymore.

Interior Padding

Most parents allow their kids to pick the helmet they like and, consequently, the kid always chooses to buy good-looking helmets. However, the job of parents is to control the safety factor. This is the reason why the helmet’s interior padding is the first factor that parents should check as choosing a kid helmet.

The best helmet should have ample padding that sits around kids’ cheeks, a thicker liner and other protection. Also, a helmet for kid needs to meet the standards of motorbike helmets.

Motorbike Helmet Standards

DOT, EPSC, and ECE are the most popular and fundamental standards. You should consider SNELL helmets if you want more rigorous things. SNELL is a really independent standard that has strict requirements of safety for adults and children’s helmets.

It is really difficult to meet SNELL standards and the brands that can satisfy those standards are truly sturdy and safe. One more thing to consider is whether the helmet you are considering buying is for off-road biking or street biking. You should consider this factor before making any purchase of kid helmets and of course street biking helmets will be your choice.

Chin Bars and Helmets that are full-coverage

There are a variety of kids’ motorbike helmets such as full-face, half-helmets, 3/4th, off road motorbike helmets and modular helmets. The most protective helmet is the full coverage helmets that protect not only your head from injuries in an event of accidents but also your neck and face.

Therefore, this kind of helmets should be your first choice. That helmet needs to equip with the chin bar in order to save the jaw and chin area. One issue young adults and children tend to have as using full-face helmets is that they’re not lightweight enough. However, it’s the extra weight from high-quality materials that enable this kind of helmets to be so safe.

Helmet size for your kids’ growing heads

When you kids grow up, their head size will change too. Lots of parents tend to buy adult or large sizes since they do not want to come to a shop and select another helmet for their kid soon. Yet this isn’t wrong way and it is wise not to do that.

There is a fact that most loose helmets will come off when an accident happens. You do not want your kid to wear a helmet that is too loose as this is pointless in protecting their head. This property comes with big size helmets. Thus, it is wise to choose a full coverage helmet that has cheek padding with different sizes.

A chin bar will also keep your kid motorbike helmet snug enough.

Duties of a parent

You should look for the sticker that may sit inside the helmet that says about safety testing and standard. Then, find if there is any defect in helmets and remember not to let your kid involve in this stage.

However, if you pick up a helmet that your kid does not like, they will not want to put it on their head at all and therefore taking a ride will be really unsafe for them. Ensure that choosing a helmet with the paint that is reflective in order for other drivers to easily spot your kid. Reflective materials and bright colors are recommended.

Some top brands you should look for:

Razor Full Face Youth Helmet


This model is the best children helmets and designed for kids with ages from 8 to 14. The helmet is also certified through CPSC so that it is definitely safe.

Full coverage helmet with modern ventilation: Since the full coverage kid motorbike helmet is designed to provide complete protection and total coverage, it could get a bit hot inside as the shields and the visor are down. So Razor has offered 17 vents around the helmet in order to help it stay definitely cool and avoid humidity when riding.

Added inside padding: Added pads are also offered in this helmet in order to get the optimum fit when the head of kids grows with their age. This added padding is for extra protection in an event of accidents as well. Parents should go for the helmet with this feature.

Adjustable visor and strap: Both the strap and visor can be adjustable since Razor manufacturer knows that an essential factor is the fit in kids’ helmets. Parents need to make sure that they have the well-adjusted strap that isn’t too tight.

Huge eye ports: this feature not only increases the visibility but also help to wear goggles easily and ride with comfort and without a scratch.


  • Lots of vents
  • Easily adjustable strap and visor
  • Extra pads for optimum fit


  • Pricey

LS2 Helmets FF392 Junior


This is the best kid helmet not only because the LS2 brand is really popular but also due to aerodynamics, the material, and top quality features. This helmet brand is certified by both DOT and ECE so it comforts to the best safety standards.

The aerodynamic shell: this helmet has the aerodynamically superior shell and there is, therefore, wind resistance that is very little when you wear the helmet. So you kid will not experience any pain in their shoulders and neck. Also, fatigue will not set in as easily as others.


Comfort liners: the kids’ motorbike helmet features lots of comfort liners which will provide a really good fit that isn’t too tight or too loose as long as you pick up the suitable size of your kid’s head, which dues to the fact that they’ve been cut by using a laser. Thus, the fit is accuracy.

Adjustable vents: these adjustable vents can make sure that helmet could be adjustable to keep your helmet’s interiors cool in summer days and sealed in the winter.

Removable padding: there is a variety of the padding that can increase your comfort and protect against accident shocks as well. It’s removable so it could be easily washed or kept clean overtimes.


  • Enough comfort liners providing excellent fit
  • Lots of adjustable vents suitable for all kinds of weather.


  • Not easy to get used to

In sum

Thus, you now know some of the most important factors that should take into account when it comes to choosing the best helmet for your kid.