Fishing equipment tips

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Before going fishing, there is definitely something you should take into account so as to have an enjoyable fishing trip. Firstly, you should check out “sit on top fishing kayak reviews” for more details on how to choose the best fishing kayak brands and then look at some of top fishing equipment tips above to prepare yourself on fishing trips.

1. Cheap Sinkers


Great disposable sinkers can be created by spark plugs. If you need to buy free or cheap fishing weights, you can go to a certain gas station. Next, loop a band that is made of rubber through an electrode and tap the wire through the plug so that it will be firmly attached to the mono filament loop. That rubber band will stretch after the plug being hung up.

2. Jig weights

Jigs are the game fish catchers that are really versatile in both fresh and saltwater. It’s really essential to look for the right-weight jig for the line weight. In case the jig’s too much heavy for your line, you may lose your jig easily. In the other case, it’s too light, its swimming direction may be not as expected and it will not work effectively.

3. Treble hook replacement

When you replace your treble hooks on the lures, you should consider something. Change your split ring because it’s prone to rust and stress. Utilize a stainless steel split ring. They won’t rust or spread because most of them come with good plugs. However, do not use stainless-steel hooks because they’re easily bent by some fighting fish. Besides, if your target fish swims away with the plug, the stainless steel won’t rust, but a simple steel hook may do. Finally, buy a few split ring pliers as they help you change your hooks easily. But if you own one of the best fishing kayak brands, you will not need to worry about this problem.

4. Extra springs

If you have a convenient spinning reel, perhaps you may have a break of a spring as it’s too hot. So you should always remember to bring extras, and ensure that there is a screwdriver along with them. Learn how to change it before going fishing.

5. No-slip soles

If you have worn boot soles, you need to cut off the liner in order to fit the sneaker sole. Use the felt in order to fasten the sneaker sole by using a non soluble glue. Leave the sneaker with a little heavy object sitting on top, and the next morning, you will be happy to have an all-purpose non slip shoe.

6. Snag-proof spinners

Some types of treble hooks will sometimes be annoying as using spinners, leading to snags. So avoid them from snag by taking of that treble hook and use single hooks instead. Then thread a 3-4” twister grub and finally Texas rig it.

7. Downriggers

You will sometimes need to drop the bait into a certain depth of the water because fish are little uncooperative creatures, they do not oftentimes swim near or on the surface. In case your sounder of the depth alert you to drop deeper, so a down rigger will be really helpful.

8. Ferrules

If there’s any dirt on the ferrule, it could contribute mostly to quick wear. Using a plug that is made of wood can be useful in avoiding the wear of the ferrule.

In case your ferrule is stuck, just need to use liquid wrench that you can buy at any auto parts stores. Use it to spray around your male ferrule and leave it drip gradually. After a while, you can make it apart.

9. Pocket tackle box

Attach carefully one or 2 cords to your pocket-tackle box, so it will not fall in water or being left behind. You may drill a hole at the box back and add a small screw. Put a small clip on other end so you could attach the rope into buttonhole or belt loops.

10. Avoiding line twist

The main reason of dirty fishing is line twist. To test it, pull enough line off until reaching the entire length of your hands, nearly 6 feet. Then, put your hands ahead, letting the line drop to a loop. In case the loop itself wraps around, you may have the twist of line. Handle it by rounding around 100 line feet behind the boat. Then setup a ball bearing swivel in order to prevent line twist in the future. Again, the best fishing kayak brands will deal with this problem easily.

In wrap

So these are some top tips you need to know before going out for fishing. Hopefully it will be helpful for you to enjoy a good fishing trip.