Golf Tips: The Basic Golf Equipment Bible

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Some rules, tips, and advice below will things you definitely need to look at before coming to the golf world.

Carrying your accessories into the course

It is really up to you to buy any gold accessory you want, but it is true that not all of them will be truly useful to your game. Thus keeping all of your accessories when playing will be a bit annoying. But don’t worry. There’re a variety of ways that you could bring your accessories into the golf course. Here are some solutions to that.

Your gold holder will have some spare compartments so you can fill these compartments with other accessories. It is a good idea because your gold holder will be the thing you carry along with your play, so you can get most of it if you include some of your most useful accessories. Something like extra tees or balls, a kit that has a small golf club repair or first aid and so on.

In case you want to take more things with you but your golf holder is full. So another thing you may not think of is the cart, so leave them in this golf cart. Or you can wear some kind of duffel or backpack that can carry lots of your golf accessories that you might need to use while playing the game and put it in your golf cart under the seat.

But the most important thing is to decide which golf accessories you will need the most while playing the game. You may not need a cleaner when you play the game outside. Because the functionality of some accessories should be enjoyed at home so don’t bring them all to the course because it will be pointless and annoying too.

One of them is the golf watch what is the rarely seen product in the market today. So we will look at Garmin approach S6 reviews:

+ Garmin S6:


It is automatic for the S6 to move to the following hole while running. By using the down and up buttons, you can easily change holes with your own hands. You are not allowed to and cannot turn this feature off.

Shot distances could be measured by using S6 and it still continues even in case you want to toggle to other screens. In case you move to the following hole by changing the hole automatically or manually, the distance would reset. It is not able to link distances to some clubs or save shot distance info so as to figure out the average distances.

Your score can be tracked during the round, but it just only applies to you, not your partners who you are playing with. The S6 enables you to choose between Stableford and standard playing scoring. Also, it lets you use handicap scoring, completed both by manually going through the stroke numbers that are subtracted from the score of yours and based on the S6 ability to automatically calculated according to the slope rating of the course or the handicap index.

It will be indicated by Hole View the number of strokes you get on the hole if you have use handicap scoring. Really impressive.


  • There are lots of statistical analysis that is available to sync to the Garmin Connect.
  • There are hole maps overhead on the watch.
  • Handicap scoring
  • Strong coverage of the course


  • No chance for hazards, you have to utilize the hole map that is overhead
  • You cannot see statistics or scorecard on the watch but you could sync and then view them on the web page of some mobile apps.

Golf carts that are customized

There is the endless number of golf accessories you can purchase for your game. You can spend hundreds of dollars buying just small items that may not be handy as expected. So the solution is to seek out a really handy accessory that can be comfortably used throughout the game. It can save you lots of money in a long run too. Then a custom cart can meet this requirement.

Golf carts will be definitely essential for bigger courses. If you have a plan to golf at the huge course soon, you would certainly need to buy a custom golf cart so that you can bring all of your golf accessories everywhere on the golf course without too much effort. With your own cart, you can do anything without paying any free like the rented one. So it definitely saves you a great deal of money.

You want to put together your custom cart by yourself or to have them totally assembled by contacting its manufacturer. Lots of companies sell custom golf carts so the point is to choose one that is near your house so that you can get all cart-related job done as easily and quickly as possible.

Looking for some cheaper accessories

Buying membership will save you lots of money. It can also be renewed in future. Golf clubs may cost not much. However, other accessories are not necessarily expensive. You can buy all necessary accessories with just a small amount of money or at least, your pocket.

Auctions, particularly estate auctions, will be a good place to look for cheap golf accessories. You can know more about item in detail before biding starts.  Besides, you could see them with your eyes and even check it out firsthand. After the auction begins, you will face some competition, especially when that item is desirable. So have you well-prepared to pay for a worthy thing. You may win that item and lucky enough, the price of that item is less than buying them at stores.

If you find auction places challenging, then you may choose to look at eBay. This is also an auction site. However, if you have lots of experience on bidding on the eBay site then you may know how to win easily.

Cheap golf accessories are hard to look for but it is not impossible. You could have a routine established every week so that you can follow frequently. It is helpful to look at all online stores or yard sales you have in your mind. By doing this, you could be the first person to know when someone wants to sell their golf accessories with cheap price.

Buying top accessories for the game of golf

When you buy golf accessories, you can choose from a variety of choices. The gold accessories you choose will entirely depend on your aim of play your golf game. Whether you want to make an impression with your fellow or just entertaining yourself while free, or a useful piece that can make your game better, they all are possible because you will always find an accessory that can fulfill one of them. If you pick up the right accessories, then you could find interesting using them for your purpose.

It is easy for you to find something if they are all put in place, leading to your game played much better. It is not a good idea to spend lots of your money buying a good club set and then put them laying all over your bag like garbage. A good club bag or holder can be enough to keep all your equipment organized and make it easy to find them when necessary.

accuracy will be increased due to them. By prevent your eyes from exposing to the sunshine, sunglasses would absolutely raise your focus and enable you to have better shots.


So those are some of top tips and advice you should consider before joining this world of the golf game. Based on those tips, you can get the most of your game and enable to enjoy as much as you can while playing.