Small gun safes keep firearms secure, yet ready for use

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Small gun safes keep firearms secure, yet ready for use

Gun buyers must constantly be reminded by manufacturers and dealers about proper gun management and handling. This is because there is an increasing occurrence of accidents that resulted from ignorance and carelessness. This can be done by properly placing warnings and instructions on gun packaging and creating built-in gun locks. Other marketing techniques make use of photographs that raises the awareness of gun buyers regarding accident victims.


The tragic headline read: “Boy Shoots 4-Year-Old Brother.” The story involved a woman and her two young sons. The mother and her boys were home alone while the husband was away on business. Fearing attack in the night, she got out her husband’s pistol and went into the boys’ room to sleep. In the morning, one of the boys found the gun in a nightstand. He pointed the loaded firearm at his brother – just like he’d seen people do a hundreds of times on TV and pulled the trigger, killing his brother.

This heart-wrenching story ran recently in a San Diego newspaper. With a little prevention, it never has to happen again. Always warn your customers they should never leave a loaded gun unattended and must take every precaution to secure a firearm from curious hands. Firearms dealers are in the unique position of offering gun owners the means to stop tragedies such as this one in the simple form of gun locks and safes.

A new safe on the market carries a bone-chilling picture on its packaging of three children looking at a firearm found in a drawer. This instantly sends the message to parents that the Ready Safe from Secure Safes Inc., is a necessary part of their firearm purchase. The Ready Safe is unique because it is designed specifically to attach to a standard bedframe without drilling. A thief on a quick raid would have to take the whole bedframe with him to remove the safe.

The Ready Safe is ideal for homes with children because children cannot pry open its reinforced door and security plate, and it features a keyless entry-punch lock. After entering the combination, a drawer silently slides open, presenting the firearm. Dealers can take advantage of Ready Safe’s unusual point-of-purchase display which features the safe actually mounted on a mini-bedframe. This allows customers to see how the Ready Safe operates, and gives them a chance to try prying it open or removing it from the frame. It’s a great selling tool.

One of my favorite handgun safes that has been on the market for a few years is the MiniVault from GunVault. The MiniVault has room for one firearm and can be mounted under a bed, on a closet shelf or to a wall. It can be opened easily with one hand and special finger grooves with Braille-like dots guide you toward push-pad buttons. If you enter the correct code a spring-loaded door pops open, but a built-in computer will block access if five wrong codes are entered. This makes it impossible for children to randomly open the safe. Eight AA batteries power the computer, but the safe can also be accessed with a key if the combination is forgotten or the batteries die. The MiniVault is 12 inches long, 8 inches wide and 5 inches high, tapering to 3.4 inches.


If your customers need to store more than one firearm or other valuables, GunVault also makes a more roomy MultiVault. It has a removable shelf for versatile storage space and all the other great features of the MiniVault. The MultiVault measures 14 inches long, 10.3 inches in width and 8.2 inches high, tapering to 6.3 inches.

There are also a wide range of small gun locks for those who wish to keep their firearm close at hand yet safe from curious fingers. Saf T Lok is one of the more expensive options, but also one of the least cumbersome and easy to use. The Saf T Lok features three buttons that can be set in an infinite number of combinations and is actually a part of a firearm’s grip. The cam-and-lever lock is designed to block the internal workings on a variety of revolvers and pistols. Installation is a little tricky, so dealers should offer to install the Saf T Lok for their customers. The Saf T Lok’s simple operation will appeal to customers who are concerned about fumbling with keys in the dark or batteries going dead in their electronic gun vaults.

The variety of small locks and safes available on the market today is astounding. You probably already stock several different brands, but take a close look at them and decide if you would feel comfortable having one of your children or grandchildren in the house with a gun secured in this manner. If all your locking devices live up to this standard, then you’re doing your customer a great service by selling her one. If not, eliminate the questionable devices from your inventory and concentrate on selling products you believe in. It’s the best way to serve your customers.

The issue of small gun locks may soon be become moot, however, if other major manufacturers follow Smith & Wesson’s and Mossberg’s lead in including a gun lock with every firearm they ship. All Smith & Wessons are now being delivered with a Master Lock Gun Lock that completely covers the trigger guard and Mossbergs continue to sport a Cablelock that goes through the action of the firearm.

This trend could result in a loss of small lock sales, but the small firearm safe market is still wide open and may be an area for dealers to concentrate on in the future. Customers who prefer keyless access to their firearms or who own more than one firearm will still need a safe and secure means of storing their firearms. It’s a trend to watch.