What is the golf tee?

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In this day and time, the living standard of people in all over the world has increased and they have more time to spend for themselves instead of earning a living as they did in the past. People in all countries around the world have more time for relaxing that is the reason why they always try the new games to have more experiences. The golf is the great illustration for this viewpoint. To play the golf, people will need the help of the golf tee which is so strange concept for many beginners. Today, we will provide you the detailed information of the golf tee to help you have a deeper understanding.

1.    The definition of the golf tees

It is frank to say that the golf tee is the stand which is taken the use of to support the stationary ball. Thanks to the help of this device, the players can strike the ball. There is a huge number of the golf tee, depending on each country, including the golf, the American football, the tee ball and the rugby. For the professional gamers, they are very familiar with the golf tee. If there is no help of this equipment, they cannot play the golf.


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Generally speaking, each game has its own regulation that the players need to follow to make for sure of the equality. The distance from the first stroke is basing on the rules which are called as the teeing ground. In fact, the teeing ball is permitted on the first shot of the hole. Many people call this shot as the tee shot. If people apply it for other shots, it is illegal and they violated the regulation of this game. The tee golf has a long history which was from the last alternation of the golf’s rules. The earliest golf tees were situated on the ground and it had a portion.

2.    Classifications

Nowadays, the golf has become a part of the life of the affluent people. They usually consider this game as the best one to feel refreshed, recharged and re-energized after the overload of working and studying. To meet the requirement of the players, the manufacturers have a tendency to produce more and more golf tees. It means that the golf tees are divided into several types to adapt the needs of the players.

The wooden tees: this golf tee is the most favorite one in the market. It has gained the popularity in recent decades. This golf tee is the most popular one in the bag of the golfers. The size of this golf tee is suitable for all people which range from 2 to 4 inches. Furthermore, this golf tee has a circular cup and the narrow shaft on the top which can make a great contribution to help the ball. People usually make a choice of the white color because they can see it more clearly.


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  • The anti-slice tees: it will be a mistake if you ignore the anti-slice tees because this kind is used in almost all clubs. The golf teacher usually takes the advantage of this golf tee to teach their students. The material of this golf tee is of the plastic which is long lasting and you do not need to think about changing the new on in a very long time.
  • The friction free tees: The same as the anti-slice tees, this tee golf is made from the plastic and its performance is similar to the wooden tee. It is frank to say that this golf tee is the perfect combination of the above golf tees which can leave the deepest impression on the players. The friction free tees do not have the circular cup which is used to hold the golf ball; however, it remains from three to six patches.
  • The brush tee: some players say that this golf tee is the younger generation of the friction free tee which inherited all the good features of that tee. This golf tee takes the use of the brush bristles to motivate the ball. The heights of this golf tee are various that you can feel free to choose.

In the nutshell, with this sharing, we do hope that you will have more information about this useful equipment. Wish that you can opt for the proper one which can meet your needs. You can refer the opinions of people who have already experienced to have the smart selection. We do hope that you can enhance your knowledge after reading this article.